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Vince Botta, Ph.D. SAT Prep 972-8471 or 736-4387 workroom Fall Term 2002 I. Class rules. 1) Be at each class on time and prepared to work . 2) Be respectful to the teacher, other students and yourself at all times. II. Required materials. - Paper, pencils, calculator. If you need extra help, get it. I am available before and after school most days; there are also tutors available. III. GRADING SYSTEM Class work
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Unformatted text preview: 30% Tests 10% Midterm / Final Exam 10% Language Component 50% Overall Course Grade 100% The instructor reserves the right to make changes as necessary. IV. Make up work is your responsibility. Make up work is your responsibility. Students are given five (5) school days to make up work not completed due to an excused absence. Incomplete make up work will not be accepted....
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