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Dr. Vince Botta Technical Math 1 736-4387 / 972-8471 Spring Semester 2003 [email protected] I. Class rules. 1) Be at each class on time. 2) Be respectful to the teacher, other students and yourself at all times. 3) Required materials. - Book, paper, pencils, calculator. - Text: Math Matters I (National Textbook Company) Cost: $46.95 If you need extra help, get it. I am available before and after school most days; professional tutors are also available. Mu Alpha Theta peer tutoring will be available in C-30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:15 – 2:45, beginning September 3. No prior notice is needed, but you must show up promptly to receive help. II. GRADING SYSTEM { All work is due by the given deadline. Late work will not be
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Unformatted text preview: accepted. { Tests will be given at the completion of each chapter and will always be announced in advance. A review day usually will precede each test day. { Quizzes will be given throughout each chapter and may or may not be announced. { Any major project will be counted as a test grade, and clear instructions will be given well in advance of the due date. Failure to meet a project deadline will result in severe penalty points, if not a zero, for the project grade. { Makeup work will only be accepted for excused absences. The instructor reserves the right to make changes as necessary. Tests 40% Class work / Assignments 30% Quizzes 10% Midterm 10% Final Exam 10% Semester Grade 100 %...
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