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Geometry Information Sheet J. Hudson This class is a course for those students who are pursuing a college -prep diploma. Failure in this class could affect graduation. This class will require daily study and consistent effort in all areas. If you discover you're having problems with the material, please see me immediately to set up a time for before-school help. MATERIALS: loose-leaf notebook pencils a scientific calculator of your own grid paper ruler compass Be sure to have all materials in class every day. You will be assigned a book to keep at home and a book to use in the classroom. It is your responsibility to keep each book in good condition. CLASSROOM EXPECTATIONS: 1. Be seated and ready to work when the bell rings. If you are not seated, you will be counted as tardy. 2. Chewing gum, eating, and drinking in class are not permitted. 3. Keep daily assignments neat and orderly in your notebook. Place the date and assignment on each page. 4. Personal notes and work done for other classes during this class will be confiscated and not returned to the student. ABSENCES/MAKEUP WORK: MAKEUP WORK IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!!!!!!!!! If you have an excused absence on the day of any graded activity, you must make up the work within three days. Failure to do so will result in a zero. Class assignments will be made daily; therefore any missed assignment should be completed within one-two days or return to school. If you need assistance with the assignments, you may make a before-school appointment. TARDY/ATTENDANCE Please see the attendance portion of your agenda book (page 12) for these policies. TERM PERCENTAGES Tests 40% Assignments 34% Quizzes 10% Exam 16% (8% midterm and 8% final exam) NOTE: ANYTHING YOU HAND IN FOR CREDIT MUST BE DONE IN PENCIL. YOU WILL NOT
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BE GIVEN CREDIT FOR WORK DONE IN INK. ERASABLE INK IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE SUBSTITUTE. Tests: Tests will be given at the end of each chapter each chapter with at
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JHudson -GeometrySyllabus - Geometry Information Sheet J....

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