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Keeney-AP Calculus AB - There will be limited class time...

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AP Calculus AB – Fall 2003 Mrs. Keeney Welcome to AB Calculus! Congratulations on being recommended for this class and on accepting the challenge. My goals are to teach you the skills and applications of calculus determined by the College Board, and to prepare you for the Advanced Placement Exam. Your enrollment in this course indicates your agreement to complete both semesters of the class and to take the AP Exam in May. In addition to work from the text, many of your assignments will be old AP Test questions. These will be graded according to AP scoring guidelines. We will do much review, practice testing, and test strategy work, using calculator and non-calculator questions, multiple choice and free response. Our focus will be on getting the highest possible AP Test scores and as much college credit as you can for your efforts this year. This class will be taught much like a college course: You will be the primary monitor of your daily progress. You will create study groups for homework, test preparation, and moral support.
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Unformatted text preview: There will be limited class time available for homework questions. Homework will be collected and graded only if your test average is below 80. Tests will make up a major portion of your grade. Tests and Monday quizzes will be cumulative. After-school study sessions will be arranged as needed. EXPECT TO WORK HARD AND EXPECT TO DO WELL! Grading: Tests 45% Assignments 15% Ten percentage points will be added to Problems 20% your final grade at the end of each term. Exams 20% Classroom Policies: Appropriate classroom behavior is expected. Bring all materials to class daily. Do your own work. Giving or receiving unfair advantage is cheating and will result in a grade of 0. All make-up work (or arrangements for such) must be completed within 3 days of an excused absence. School email: [email protected] School phone: 770-972-8471 Home email: [email protected] Home phone: 770-979-2190...
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