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Technical Math I Fall 2002 Mrs. Keeney – phone: 770-736-4382 Email: [email protected] Mrs. Fornek - phone 770-972-8471 Email: [email protected] Required Materials : 3-ring notebook, notebook paper, pencils (Work done in pen will NOT be accepted!), Shiloh High Agenda Book. ** A CALCULATOR OF YOUR OWN ** Class Rules : 1. Be on time. You are tardy if you are not completely in the room when the bell first rings. 2. Be prepared. NO locker or school store passes will be given. 3. Be polite. Respect everyone’s property, personal space, and ideas. 4. Be attentive. All work for other classes and personal notes will be taken up and not returned to the student. 5. Be involved. Participate in all activities. 6. Be honest. Cheating will NOT be tolerated and will result in a grade of ZERO that will NOT be changed. Grading Scale : Semester Grade : 90- 100 A Tests 40% 80 - 89 B Assignments 30% 74 - 79 C Quizzes 10% 70 - 73 D Midterm Exam 10% Below 70 F Final Exam 10%
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