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BC Calculus Fall 2002 J. Penn Class Expectations and Grading Procedure Welcome to BC Calculus! This class will be like no other math class you have ever taken. Much more will be expected of you than has ever been expected before. There are, as I see it, two goals for this course: to learn calculus and to prepare for the AP exam. There is a lot to do over the next several months. We will move very quickly through the material. We will not have time in class to cover it all. You will be expected to do a great deal of work on your own. We will spend very little class time reviewing material that you learned in previous courses. You will, however, frequently be called upon to use your knowledge from those courses. This course will be structured much like a college class. Homework will be assigned and it will be your responsibility to keep up with it. As long as you maintain a “B” test average you will not be required to turn in chapter assignments. Should your test average fall below this, your homework
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