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For the teacher Survey, use 0 for Never, 1 for seldom, 2 for sometimes and 3 for frequently Teacher Name Q #1 Q #2 Q #3 Q #4 Q #5 Q #6 Q #7 Q #8 Q #9 Q #10 Q #11 Q #12 Q #13 Adams, J 0 2 1 2 1 2 1 26 29 Altizer, D Asielue, F Averyt, D Basso, J Bator, K Blackwell, S Bowling,C. Buff, D Burnham, J Byerly, L Callis, P Champitto, M Chawla, L Chrisman, N Claiborne, D Cobb Coggin, D Cooksey, K Crawford, M Cunningham, T Dartt, S Davis, T Dennis, S Dermid,K Devlin, D Diprima, T Doswell, K Ehat Farrow,A Fitzgerald, K Folger, J Folkard, J Fornek, J Fye, K Gambrell,C Gentry, M Gladden, V Goldwire, A Harper, E Heath, C Heffner, M Henderson, D Hogan, H Holleman, K Hudson, J Huff, T Hysong, D Jacobs, J James,P Jean, J Johnson, K Jones, M Justice, J Kayea, P Keeney, B Kendrick, C Knight, N Krieger, B Kutter, T Laraway, B Lawrence, E Leathers, J Loyd, J Lunsford, P Luther Lynch, J Maavere, T. Martin, K
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Unformatted text preview: Massey, L Matricardi, J McClung, S McDevitt, H McDonald, C McDonald, J McGee, J McKnight, K McPhee, K McRae, P Mearon, J Miller, A Minyard, R Moody Moon, R Morris, S Murcia,L Muse, I Myers, T Neal, E Newman, E Norton, P Norwood, T Oxford, M Parker, S Parker,E Pearce, D Penn, J Pharr, E Phillips, M Powell, M Prevost, J Rabsatt, S Raymond, M Rieke, C Rigo, A Riquelme, D Robinson, K Rogers, D Rothwell,P Santoianni, D Shaddix, E Shore, W Sims, L Skeen, Sr., S Small, J Smith, C Spencer, M Spencer,R Steinberg, J Stewart, S Stubben Sullivan, J Tennant, J Thacker, K Thomas, M Thompson, P Thurmond,M Trujillo Veith, S Walton,M Waters, J Watkins, T Young, M Zimmerman, C Zimmerman, S 2 1 2 1 2 1 124 45 160 1.29...
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