Toryk Geometry Syllabus

Toryk Geometry Syllabus - Geometry Name...

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Unformatted text preview: Geometry Name _____________________ INFORMATION SHEET Book Number ______________ Fall Semester, 2002 Student Number ____________ Ms. Toryk e-mail address Daily Materials : Notebook--loose-leaf-3 ring type (No folders, please) Notebook paper and graph paper Dividers for your notebook Pencil with an eraser, compass, straightedge and protractor. Two Packs of 3X5 note cards (these can be colored or white) A positive attitude and a willingness to work Daily Work : 1. Daily work will consist of anything that is done in the classroom or at home that is not a test, quiz or other assessment. This will include, but not be limited to, assignments, labs, worksheets, projects and group work. 2. Assignments will be given on most days. It is your responsibility to work on these assignments in class, and, if you are not finished at the end of class, to finish the assignment at home. When the assignment is from the textbook, the textbook page number should go in the upper left corner of your notebook paper. 3. Assignments will be checked daily for attempt and some will be graded for accuracy after you have had the time to ask questions in class and make corrections. Sometimes you will be asked to copy problems directly from your notebook for an assignment grade, so you are responsible for having your notebook in class EVERYDAY, correcting all problems in your math notebook and for keeping your notebook in order. 4. Planned extra credit assignments may be assigned periodically, they will not be assigned at the end of the semester in order to salvage a grade at the last minute. Test and Quizzes : 1. Tests will be given at the end of several sections or at the end of a chapter and will always be announced. 2. Quizzes will be given periodically in each chapter and may or may not be announced. Make-up Work : 1. It is your responsibility to make up any missed assignments due to absences as soon as possible....
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Toryk Geometry Syllabus - Geometry Name...

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