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Course: Algebra 1, 1 st Semester Text: Algebra 1: Holt, Rinehart and Winston Cost: $46.50 Prerequisite: 8 th Grade Introduction to Algebra or Algebra and Integrated Topics and Teacher Recommendation Curricular goals interwoven throughout the mathematics program are that students will: learn to communicate mathematically (QCC) learn to use mathematics in their daily lives (QCC) become proficient with appropriate computational tools and techniques (QCC) learn to reason mathematically (QCC) become mathematical problem solvers (QCC) These goals will provide the direction for assessment and instruction. Attainment of these goals is facilitated by the students’ demonstration of the following Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS). Chapter 1 From Patterns to Algebra (pp. 2-50) 10 days graph ordered pairs and paired data (QCC, HSGT) (MAAG_C2001-12) represent two-variable data in a scatter gram (QCC) (MAAG_C2001-13) fit lines to data and interpret linear graphs (QCC, SAT I) (MAAG_C2001-14) fit polynomials to data (QCC) (MAAG_C2001-15) identify patterns of linear and quadratic functional models (QCC, SAT I) (MAAG_D2001- 19) Chapter 2 Operations in Algebra (pp. 52-110) 7 days write, evaluate and perform operations with algebraic expressions (QCC, HSGT, SAT I) (MAAG_A2001-7) Chapter 4 Proportional Reasoning and Statistics (pp. 186-192) 3 days use the mean, median, mode and range to describe central tendencies of a data set (QCC, HSGT, SAT I) (MAAG_C2001-16)
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Algebra I - Course Algebra 1 1st Semester Text Algebra 1...

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