Honors Algebra II - Course Honors Algebra II 1st Semester...

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Course: Honors Algebra II, 1 st Semester Text: Algebra II (Holt, Rinehart and Winston) Cost: $48.75 Prerequisite: Honors Geometry (MAHG) Curricular goals interwoven throughout the mathematics program are that students will: learn to communicate mathematically (QCC) learn to use mathematics in their daily lives (QCC) become proficient with appropriate computational tools and techniques (QCC) learn to reason mathematically (QCC) become mathematical problem solvers (QCC) These goals will provide the direction for assessment and instruction. Attainment of these goals is facilitated by the students’ demonstration of the following Academic Knowledge and Skills (AKS). Chapter 1: Data and Linear Representations (pp. 2-83) investigate families of lines with different slopes and y-intercepts (QCC) (MAHA_A2001- 2) fit linear and nonlinear curves to data (QCC, SAT I) (MAHA_2001-5) investigate direct, inverse, joint and quadratic variation (QCC, SAT I) (MAHA_D2001-22) Chapter 2: Numbers and Functions (pp. 84-153) analyze translations, rotations and reflections of functions and relations and determine the effects on graphs and equations (QCC) (MAHA_A2001-1) translate among tabular, symbolic and graphical representations of data (MAHA_D2001- 27) describe and analyze functional relationships (QCC) (MAHA_D2001-28) graph and model piecewise functions (QCC) (MAHA_D2001-18) apply absolute value, step and constant functions (QCC) (MAHA_D2001-19) apply patterns of functional model (QCC) (MAHA_D2001-20) find and graph compositions and inverses of functions (QCC) (MAHA_D2001-21)
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Honors Algebra II - Course Honors Algebra II 1st Semester...

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