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Money Management Syllabus-block - Mathematical Money...

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Mathematical Money Management The focus of Mathematical Money Management is to foster student understanding of mathematical skills needed to manage money. In this course students will learn the mathematics required to make informed decisions about money management. This course mandates active and thoughtful participation of students. The mathematical skills needed include solving linear equations, manipulating algebraic formulas, analyzing data, using and manipulating geometric shapes and ideas, in order to make sense out of complicated situations and solve complex problems. Students will use a variety of representations (concrete, graphical, and numerical), tools, and technology to link modeling techniques and purely mathematical concepts to solve financial problems. This course provides a core senior-level mathematics course for students in the technology/career education program and an elective senior-level mathematics course for students in the college preparatory program. First Semester Unit 1 Gross Income ( pgs. 77-98) 5 days Calculates total time worked from a timecard. Calculates regular time and overtime pay, total pay for piecework, gross pay based on hourly wages plus tips, salary, straight commission, and salary plus commission. Identifies and compares various pay periods. Unit 2 Net Income (pgs. 99-118) 8 days Computes net pay, taking into account federal, state, and local taxes, social security, and any miscellaneous deductions. Solves problems related to taxes by computing state, federal, and local income taxes, property taxes, social security tax, and estate and inheritance taxes. Discusses different types of taxes and how the funds are used.
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Money Management Syllabus-block - Mathematical Money...

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