CookseyAAT06-07Syllabus - Advanced Algebra Trig SYLLABUS...

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Name___________________ SYLLABUS AND INFORMATION SHEET Mrs. Cooksey: [email protected] 770-736-4387 #5 This class is a required course for those students who are pursuing a college prep diploma. It will require DAILY study and consistent effort in all areas. Daily Materials Required Three ring notebook with dividers and paper Two sharp pencils with erasers Graphing calculator (strongly suggested – no TI89). The TI-83 will be available for rental at $10 for the semester. (Students may use others.) Classroom Expectations Be courteous and respectful toward others Have your materials with you and be ready to work when the bell rings Adhere to all school rules. These include dress code, use of computers and school property, possession of electronic devices, etc. No food or drinks (except water) are allowed in class. Remain seated unless you have permission to be out of your seat. Use only the calculator, computer, or class textbook assigned to you. Report any missing items or problems immediately. Any activities not conducive to class learning will not be tolerated. This includes disrupting class, being uncooperative, using inappropriate language, sleeping in class, personal grooming in class, etc. Consequences Class disruptions or violation of class rules may result in teacher detention, call to parent, removal from classroom, referral to administrator and/or other consequences deemed appropriate by the teacher. Daily Work Daily work will be assigned nightly . Regular at-home study is essential for success in this class. Be prepared each day by completing the previous day’s assignment. Ask questions and make corrections. Be sure all work has been shown. Show your work on all papers. NO WORK MEANS NO CREDIT! Late work is not accepted. Students who are absent on the day work is due are expected to turn in the work on the day they return. Extra Help
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CookseyAAT06-07Syllabus - Advanced Algebra Trig SYLLABUS...

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