Heath - Alg2SyllabusF2006-7

Heath - Alg2SyllabusF2006-7 - ALGEBRA 2 FALL 2006-7...

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Unformatted text preview: ALGEBRA 2 FALL 2006-7 SYLLABUS AND INFORMATION SHEET This class is a required course for those students who are pursuing a college prep diploma. It will require DAILY study and consistent effort in all areas. INSTRUCTOR: Katrina Heath (E-mail: [email protected] ) Math workroom phone number: 770-736-4387 Daily Materials Required • Three ring notebook (with dividers) and paper • Pencils with erasers • Calculator – at least a Scientific calculator is required but a Graphing calculator is preferred. Graphing calculator (TI-83 will be available for rental at $10 for the semester.) OR Scientific calculator (Scientific calculators are also available for rental a $5 ) Students may use others, except for the TI-89 • TEXTBOOK, Algebra 2, Holt, Rinehart and Winston ( Cost if lost: $48.75 ) Classroom Expectations All Shiloh High School rules apply. All students will have their materials necessary for class on a DAILY basis: textbook, notebook, paper, pencil and calculator. All students will be prepared to BEGIN class when the tardy bell rings. No students will disrupt any other student’s learning (or ability to hear the daily announcements). Consequences Class disruptions or violation of class rules may result in teacher detention, call to parent, removal from classroom, referral to administrator and/or other consequences deemed appropriate by the teacher. Daily Work • Daily work will be assigned nightly . Regular at-home study is essential for success in this class. Be prepared each day by completing the previous day’s assignment. Ask questions and make corrections. Be sure all work has been shown. • These assignments may be checked at any point – so always bring them in your notebook to class. • Show your work on all papers. NO WORK MEANS NO CREDIT! Tests and Quizzes • Tests will always be announced at least 3 days in advance. • Quizzes may be announced or unnanounced. Grading Percentages Grading Scale: • Tests 40% A 90-100 • Daily work 30% B 80-89 • Quizzes & Projects 10% C 74-79 • Midterm Exam 10% D 70-73 • Final Exam 10% F Below 70 Extra Credit Extra credit will be given throughout the term in the form of bonus questions, projects, etc. Extra credit assignments will NOT be given at the end of the term. Absences/Make-up work • It is the student’s responsibility to ask for and make up any missed assignments due to absences. • The student must have an excused note to receive credit. • Daily work must be made up within 3 class days after the absence....
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Heath - Alg2SyllabusF2006-7 - ALGEBRA 2 FALL 2006-7...

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