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Heath-GiftedPreCalc Syllabus - Gifted Precalculus Text:...

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Gifted Precalculus Fall Sem. 2006-7 Text: Precalculus with Limits: A Graphical Approach, 3 rd ed. Cost: $69.30 Ms. Heath e-mail: Katrina_Heath@gwinnett.k12.ga.us Math workroom phone number: 770-736-4387 Daily Materials : You are expected to have the following materials with you each day in class. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE AND WILLINGNESS TO WORK 3-ring binder with notebook and graph paper Pencils (you may use a pen to take notes, but all work to be graded MUST be done in pencil) Calculator (graphing calculators will be available for rental) ***ANY CALCULATOR (TI84 OR TI89) THAT SOLVES EQUATIONS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED ON TESTS OR QUIZZES. Classroom Rules 1. Come to class prepared. 2. Respect yourself and others. You are expected to be ready to listen, take notes, and participate with all activities in class when the tardy bell rings. Your behavior should not keep you or others from learning. 3. Maintain the condition of borrowed materials. Use the materials borrowed in class appropriately and return them to their proper places when done. 4. NO CHEATING. Cheating will result in an automatic "0" and a phone call home. The following actions are considered cheating: *Using unauthorized materials in a test situation. *Receiving or giving unauthorized information on a test or class assignment. Students may discuss (not copy) homework, but at no time should have possession of another students’ work.
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Heath-GiftedPreCalc Syllabus - Gifted Precalculus Text:...

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