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Chapter 1 Voc - departed from work 8 piecework Receiving a...

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Chapter 1 Gross Income 1. gross Income : The total amount of money you earn for work done during a pay period, before any deductions are taken. 2. hourly rate : The amount of money you earn per hour. 3. straight-time pay : The total amount of money you earn for a pay period at the hourly rate. 4. Overtime pay : The amount of money you receive for working more than your regular hours. 5. time and a half : Receiving 1 ½ times your regular pay. 6. double time : 2 times your hourly rate. 7. weekly time card : Shows the time you reported for work and the time that you
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Unformatted text preview: departed from work. 8. piecework : Receiving a specific amount of money for each item of work that completed. 9. salary : A fixed amount of money you earn on a regular basis. 10. commission : An amount of money that you are paid for selling a product or service. 11. commission rate : Specified amount of money for each sale or it may be a percent of the total value of your sales. 12. graduated commissions : A different rate of commission for each of several levels of sales....
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