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Chapter 3: Checking Accounts 1. Checking accounts : funds deposited in a bank from which you can write checks to pay for goods and services instead of paying by cash. 2. deposit : is an amount of money that you put into a bank account. 3. checks : a slip that direst a bank to deduct money from your account to make a payment. 4. check register : to keep a record of your automatic teller deposits, regular deposits, electronic transfers, and the checks
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Unformatted text preview: you have written. 5. balance : the amount of money in your account. 6. canceled checks : checks that the bank has paid by deducting money from your account. 7. statement : lists all your checks that the bank has paid and your deposits that the bank has recorded since your last statement. 8. reconcile : is to make sure that your statement agrees with your check register....
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