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Chapter 5: Cash Purchases 1. cash purchases : items or services that you buy at regular or sales prices. 2. sales tax : many states, county, and city governments charge a specific percentage on goods. 3. sales receipt : is a proof of purchase. It can be hand written or a cash register receipt. 4. unit price : it is the cost per unit of measure or count, such as dollars per pound or cents per dozen. 5. coupons : they are redeemed at time of purchase.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. rebates : the consumer must mail in a rebate coupon along with the sales slip and the UPC label from the item. 7. sales price : prices that are lower than their regular selling price. 8. markdown or discount : is the amount of money that you save by purchasing a product at the sale price. 9. markdown rate or discount rate : of an item is its markdown expressed as a percent of its regular selling price....
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