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Chapter 11: Recordkeeping 1. recordkeeping: maintaining accurate accounts of your expenses as tools for managing your money. 2. expenditures: amounts of money paid out. 3. budget sheet: an outline of your total monthly expenses, which can help you plan future expenditures and savings. 4. living expenses: amounts spent for food, clothing, utility bills, and so on, that vary from month to month. 5. fixed expenses: amounts for rent or mortgage payments, installment
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Unformatted text preview: payments, savings deposits, and so on, that do not vary from one month to the next. 6. annual expenses: amounts for real estate taxes, insurance payments, contributions, and so on, that occur once a year. 7. expense summary: a totaling of actual monthly expenses used to compare the amounts spent to the amounts budgeted. 8. emergency fund: money set aside for unpredictable expense, such as medical bills or repair bills....
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