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QUIZ 5-1 to 5-4 Name:________________________ Money Management Date:________________Period:___ SHOW ALL WORK!!!!! ____________ 1. Josh is buying a CD player for $149. The sales tax rate is 7%. What is the sales tax? ____________ 2. Harry is buying 3 shirts for $19.99 each and 2 pairs of pants for $25 each. The sales tax rate is 5%. What is the total selling price for Harry’s purchase? ____________ 3. Patricia is buying 3 pens for $0.50 each, 4 packs of paper for $0.75 each, and a notebook for $1.39. The sales tax rate is 6.75%. What is her total purchase price? ____________ 4. Brittany is shopping at Wal-mart. She purchased Lysol for $2.39, Tide for $4.89, bread for $1.39, and 2 packs of ham for $.79 each.
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