quiz chapter 10 - 16,250 His major medical had a deductible...

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Math Money Management Quiz 10.1 - 10.4 Name _____________________________________ Please show all work. It must be your own!! 1) Mike Matty is a self-employed travel agent. His health insurance premium costs $2300 per year for family coverage. If he wishes to pay his premiums monthly, what would his insurance payment be? 2) Martha Sams is employed by the Allied Van group. She has a family membership in the group comprehensive medical program. The annual premium includes $2000 for hospital insurance, $458 for surgical-medical insurance, and $135 for major medical. Her employer pays 70% of the costs, and her contribution is deducted from her WEEKLY paycheck. a) What is the total annual premium? b) How much does her employer pay annually? c) How much does she pay Annually? d) How much is deducted from each of her weekly paychecks? 3) Hammy Burger had to undergo emergency surgery. His hospital bill was $22,500 and his surgical-medical insurance covered
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Unformatted text preview: 16,250. His major medical had a deductible of $150 and a 25% coinsurance clause. How much did Hammy have to pay? Use the tables to complete the chart below for problems 4 - 8 (LOOK AT THE CHART TITLES CAREFULLY!!) Continued on the back: Use the tables on the front to answer 9 & 10 9) Cal is 18 years old. He wants to purchase a $30,000 5 year term life insurance policy. What is his annual premium? 10) Myra is a 35 year old female. She wishes to purchase a $55,000 whole life insurance policy. What would her MONTHLY premium be? 11) You have dental insurance that pays 100% of the first $100 of your bill. Then, you pay a $75 deductible. Then, the insurance company pays 75% of the next $100. Then, the company pays 50% of the remainder of the bill up to a total of $1650, and you pay the rest. You go to the dentist and have a cavity filled and a gold crown put in. The total bill is $700. What is your portion of the bill?...
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quiz chapter 10 - 16,250 His major medical had a deductible...

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