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Budget Project - apartment complex of bedrooms/bathrooms...

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Math Money Management Creating a Budget You will be creating a monthly budget. You have the choice of working alone or working with up to two partners. No more than 3 people per group are allowed. You must include the following categories: 1. Food 2. Household electric, telephone, gas, water, garbage/sewer, security 3. Transportation gas, parking/misc. 4. Personal clothing, credit payments, cell phone, pager, magazines, newspapers, gifts, pocket money 5. Entertainment movies, dining out, sporting events, other recreation 6. Fixed rent You MUST give specific information, such as name, address and phone number of
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Unformatted text preview: apartment complex, # of bedrooms/bathrooms, square footage. savings You are required to save 5% of your income. car payment, life/car/renters’ insurance, furniture The grade from your project will come from a poster and a presentation to the class. You will create a poster that describes your budget. On your poster, you must have a Pie graph representing your budget. Grading Rubric: Poster : Creativity 20 points Overall appearance 20 points Pie graph 30 points Rental Information 20 points Presentation 10 points...
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