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Housing Rubric NAMES:__________________________________ SLIDE ONE --- TITLE PAGE the title of your show your name the date a related graphic SLIDE TWO --- DESCRIPTION OF HOUSE a title a picture of the house # of bedrooms # of bathrooms square footage (if possible) where the house is located include at least two other features of the house SLIDE THREE --- DESCRIPTION OF SURROUNDING AREA AND/OR SUBDIVISION a title subdivision amenities (found with house listing)  brief overview of the county two possible providers for at least  four  utilities and any required deposit information  SLIDE FOUR --- COST OF HOME price of house monthly payment without escrow when financed for 30 years at 6% interest with a 20% down payment.
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Unformatted text preview: • amount of down payment required • yearly insurance cost based on a 90% insured value in fire protection class 6 • annual property tax based on a rate of assessment of 35% and a tax rate of 65 mills. • monthly payment WITH escrow SLIDE FIVE --- AN AVAILABLE APARTMENT IN THE SAME AREA • a title • a picture • location/complex name • # of rooms (specific) • apartment and complex amenities • cost per month SLIDE SIX --- COMPARING RENTING AND OWNING • your choice of renting or buying • at least 4 specific reasons to support your choice...
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