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Questions for Chapter 2 Project Must be answered in complete sentences!! 1. How would the federal income tax withheld from your paycheck change if you got married? 2. What is the state income tax rate for Georgia? 3. Name three states that do not have a state income tax. 4. Name two states that have a graduated state income tax. 5. You are allowed to claim dependents for federal and state tax-withholding purposes. What are some of the qualifications for a dependent? Can you claim anyone?
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Unformatted text preview: 6. List three types of people that can be claimed as dependents. 7. Give two pros and two cons for the Social Security program. 8. Compare and contrast Medicare and Medicaid. 9. There are many different forms that are used to file federal and state income taxes. The most common are the 1040 and the 1040EZ for federal and the 500 and the 500EZ for state. What is the major difference between the 1040 and the 1040EZ? the 500 and 500EZ? Can anyone use either form? Why or why not?...
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