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Math Money Management Stock Market Project Name _____________________________ Goal: This project is designed to help you learn how the stock market works. You will simulate buying and selling stocks, and you will calculate the net profit or loss for each stock, the total stock portfolio, and the potential income tax that would be due on the capital gains. Process: 1) Assume you have $100,000 to invest. Each transaction you make (that is, each time you buy or sell a stock), you will pay a 1% commission. 2) You are to pick 5 - 7 stocks (of which 2 or 3 should be from Georgia companies). You must purchase them in lots of 100 (that is, you may buy 100 shares, 400 shares, 1000 shares, etc. . but not 55 shares or 110 shares, etc. ..) 3) You were to buy the stock at the price in Wednesday s (4/24) newspaper. You are to calculate the total purchase cost including commission based on this price. You are to track the stock for 8 days.
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Unformatted text preview: 4) At the end of 7 trading days (which will be the closing price in Friday s 5/3 newspaper), you are to calculate the selling price Compute all of this in the table at the bottom. 5) You are to select 1 of your stocks and write a detailed report on it. Include the following: What does the company do? (needs to be detailed - at least a few sentences) Why did you select it for your portfolio? What dividend do they pay? List the 52-week high and low, and the earnings per share (EPS). Any breaking news on the company? Include any other information from charts or stories Table of computations: ? ?? Track the stocks on the back (complete the chart each day) ? Price per share on the following days 4/25 - ?? Sell all stock at the price per share on 5/3 ?? Calculate your total profit or loss by adding the numbers in the last column. If you have a profit, find your capital gains tax if you are in the 18% bracket....
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