Travel Project - Procedures for Bon Voyage Lesson...

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Procedures for Bon Voyage Lesson Congratulations! You have just won free airfare and hotel accommodations to anywhere in the world! For two weeks, you can travel to two different countries of your choice. Feel free to tour the medieval lands of Europe, unravel the mysteries of Asia, or explore any other place you've always dreamed of visiting. Before you go on your journey, you will need to exchange your money for foreign currency. You will use an Internet site to find the foreign exchange rates of various countries and calculate the amount of foreign currency that you can obtain with your United States dollars. Also, you can use the online tourism guide to plan your vacation by visiting popular sites and attractions from countries all around the world. ACTIVITY 1: RESEARCH You will take a vacation to any two countries of your choice on the Internet (do not choose a combination of Canada and France or a combination that any of your classmates are using). To access this assignment on the Internet: Open the Netscape Web Browser. From the Open menu, choose Open Page. Type in the following address: %20Projects/travel/bonvoyage.html Click the Open button. If the computer is not able to locate the address, go to File, Open Page again and check to make sure that every letter and symbol corresponds to the address above. If you are still having difficulty, then ask a classmate or your instructor for assistance.
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Travel Project - Procedures for Bon Voyage Lesson...

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