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Budget - Clothing 7 Insurance 10 Rent 30 Savings 8...

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Monthly Budget Assessment 1. Allen and Alma Ortiz estimate that their total cash income for the year will be $45,000. They plan to spend their income as shown below. Using the Monthly Living Expense Form write the amounts allowed for each item. (Hint: Remember to change annual income to monthly income before placing in Expense Form.) Food 27%____________ Auto 18%____________
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Unformatted text preview: Clothing 7%__________ Insurance 10%_________ Rent 30%____________ Savings 8%___________ Recreation 9%________ Transportation 12%_____ Other 5%_____________ Utilities 10%__________ 2. What was the total net income for the month?______________ 3. What were the total monthly expenses?________________ 4. How much money was left for (play money)?___________...
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  • Net Income, Household income in the United States, TOTAL NET INCOME, total cash income, Monthly Living, Alma Ortiz estimate

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