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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 8 Internal Forced Convection 8-62 Geothermal water is supplied to a city through cast iron pipes at a specified rate. The electric power consumption and its daily cost are to be determined, and it is to be assessed if the frictional heating during flow can make up for the temperature drop caused by heat loss. Assumptions 1 The flow is steady and incompressible. 2 The entrance effects are negligible, and thus the flow is fully developed. 3 The minor losses are negligible because of the large length-to-diameter ratio and the relatively small number of components that cause minor losses. 4 The geothermal well and the city are at about the same elevation. 5 The properties of geothermal water are the same as fresh water. 6 The fluid pressures at the wellhead and the arrival point in the city are the same. Properties The properties of water at 110 ° C are ρ = 950.6 kg/m 3 , μ = 0.255 × 10-3 kg/m ⋅ s, and C p = 4.229 kJ/kg ⋅° C (Table A-9). The roughness of cast iron pipes is 0.00026 m (Table 8-3). C (Table A-9)....
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