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Chapter 10 Boiling and Condensation 10-42 The hydraulic diameter D h for all 4 cases are expressed in terms of the boundary layer thickness δ as follows: ( a ) Vertical plate: D A p w w h c == = 4 4 4 δ ( b ) Tilted plate: D A p w w h c = 4 4 4 ( c )Vertical cylinder: D A p D D h c = 4 4 4 πδ π ( d ) Horizontal cylinder: D A p L L h c = 4 42 2 4 () ( e ) Sphere: D A p D D h c = 4 4 4 Therefore, the Reynolds number for all 5 cases can be expressed as Re & = = 4 44 m p A p D l cl l l hl l l ll l μ ρ δρ VVV 10-43 There is film condensation on the outer surfaces of N horizontal tubes arranged in a vertical tier. The value of N for which the average heat transfer coefficient for the entire tier be equal to half of the value for
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