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Chapter 10 Boiling and Condensation 10-52 "!PROBLEM 10-52" "GIVEN" T_sat=100 "[C]" L=2 "[m]" theta=40 "[degrees], parameter to be varied" T_s=80 "[C], parameter to be varied" "PROPERTIES" Fluid$='steam_NBS' T_f=1/2*(T_sat+T_s) P_sat=pressure(Fluid$, T=T_sat, x=1) rho_l=density(Fluid$, T=T_f, x=0) mu_l=Viscosity(Fluid$,T=T_f, x=0) nu_l=mu_l/rho_l C_l=CP(Fluid$, T=T_f, x=0)*Convert(kJ/kg-C, J/kg-C) k_l=Conductivity(Fluid$, T=T_f, P=P_sat+1)
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Unformatted text preview: h_f=enthalpy(Fluid$, T=T_sat, x=0) h_g=enthalpy(Fluid$, T=T_sat, x=1) h_fg=(h_g-h_f)*Convert(kJ/kg, J/kg) g=9.8 "[m/s^2], gravitational acceleraton" "ANALYSIS" "(a)" h_fg_star=h_fg+0.68*C_l*(T_sat-T_s) Re=(4.81+(3.7*L*k_l*(T_sat-T_s))/(mu_l*h_fg_star)*((g*Cos(theta))/nu_l^2)^(1/3))^0.820 h=(Re*k_l)/(1.08*Re^1.22-5.2)*((g*Cos(theta))/nu_l^2)^(1/3) Q_dot=h*A*(T_sat-T_s) A=L^2 "(b)" m_dot_cond=Q_dot/h_fg_star 10-45...
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