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Chapter 10 Boiling and Condensation 10-84 Saturated steam at a saturation temperature of T sat = 95 ° C (Table A-9) condenses on a canned drink at 5 ° C in a dropwise manner. The heat transfer coefficient for this dropwise condensation is to be determined. Assumptions The heat transfer coefficient relation for dropwise condensation that was developed for copper surfaces is also applicable for aluminum surfaces. Analysis Noting that the saturation temperature is less than 100 ° C, the heat transfer coefficient for dropwise condensation can be determined from Griffith’s relation to be hh T == + = + × = dropwise sat 51104 2044 2044 95 ,, 245,284 W / m C 2 ° Steam 95 ° C Drink 5 ° C 10-85 Water is boiled at 1 atm pressure and thus at a saturation temperature of T sat = 100 ° C by a nickel electric heater whose diameter is 2 mm. The highest temperature at which this heater can operate without burnout is to be determined. Assumptions 1 Steady operating conditions exist. 2 Heat losses from the water are negligible.
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