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Chapter 11 Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation Chapter 11 FUNDAMENTALS OF THERMAL RADIATION Electromagnetic and Thermal Radiation 11-1C Electromagnetic waves are caused by accelerated charges or changing electric currents giving rise to electric and magnetic fields. Sound waves are caused by disturbances. Electromagnetic waves can travel in vacuum, sound waves cannot. 11-2C Electromagnetic waves are characterized by their frequency v and wavelength . These two properties in a medium are related by λ λ = cv / where c is the speed of light in that medium. 11-3C Visible light is a kind of electromagnetic wave whose wavelength is between 0.40 and 0.76 μ m . It differs from the other forms of electromagnetic radiation in that it triggers the sensation of seeing in the human eye. 11-4C Infrared radiation lies between 0.76 and 100 μ m whereas ultraviolet radiation lies between the wavelengths 0.01 and 0.40 . The human body does not emit any radiation in the ultraviolet region since bodies at room temperature emit radiation in the infrared region only. μ
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