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Chapter 11 Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation Blackbody Radiation 11-14C A blackbody is a perfect emitter and absorber of radiation. A blackbody does not actually exist. It is an idealized body that emits the maximum amount of radiation that can be emitted by a surface at a given temperature. 11-15C Spectral blackbody emissive power is the amount of radiation energy emitted by a blackbody at an absolute temperature T per unit time, per unit surface area and per unit wavelength about wavelength λ . The integration of the spectral blackbody emissive power over the entire wavelength spectrum gives the total blackbody emissive power , = = 0 4 ) ( ) ( T d T E T E b b σλ λ The spectral blackbody emissive power varies with wavelength, the total blackbody emissive power does
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