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CINEMATOGRAPHY: BASIC TERMS ASPECT RATIO The ratio of the width to the height of the film or television image. The formerly standard Academy ratio is 1.33:1. Widescreen ratios vary. In Europe, 1.66:1 is most common; in the U.S., 1.85:1. CinemaScope is an anamorphic process and is the widest at 2.35:1. CANTED FRAMING A view in which the camera is tilted and the frame is not level; objects in the frame appear slanted. CLOSE-UP (CU) A close shot where the scale of the object shown is relatively large; often a shot of the subject’s face only. CRANE SHOT A shot with a change in framing accomplished by having the camera above the ground and moving through the air. DEEP FOCUS A technique favored by realists, where objects very near the camera as well as those far away are in focus simultaneously. DEPTH OF FIELD The range of distances from the camera at which the subject is acceptably sharp. The measurements of the closest and farthest planes in front of the lens in which everything will be in sharp focus. DOLLY A shot taken from a moving, wheeled platform. Almost synonymous with a tracking shot. ESTABLISHING SHOT Usually a long shot that shows the general location of the scene that follows, often providing essential information and orienting the viewer. EXTREME CLOSE-UP (ECU) A framing in which the scale of the object shown is very large; most commonly, a small object or a part of the body. EXTREME LONG SHOT (ELS)
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cinematography_basic_terms - CINEMATOGRAPHY: BASIC TERMS...

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