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Chapter 12 Radiation Heat Transfer Radiation Shields and The Radiation Effect 12-47C Radiation heat transfer between two surfaces can be reduced greatly by inserting a thin, high reflectivity(low emissivity) sheet of material between the two surfaces. Such highly reflective thin plates or shells are known as radiation shields. Multilayer radiation shields constructed of about 20 shields per cm. thickness separated by evacuated space are commonly used in cryogenic and space applications to minimize heat transfer. Radiation shields are also used in temperature measurements of fluids to reduce the error caused by the radiation effect. 12-48C The influence of radiation on heat transfer or temperature of a surface is called the radiation effect. The radiation exchange between the sensor and the surroundings may cause the thermometer to indicate a different reading for the medium temperature. To minimize the radiation effect, the sensor should be coated with a material of high reflectivity (low emissivity). 12-49C
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