Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's Disease - Alzheimer’s Disease Running Head:...

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Alzheimer’s Disease Running Head: Alzheimer’s Disease Alzheimer’s Disease University Of Rhode Island Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is an increasingly known disease of the elderly. Many 1
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Alzheimer’s Disease associate the disease with forgetfulness, problems with thinking, reasoning, and communication. However there is more to Alzheimer’s than meets the eye. The complications of the disease affect the most intricate part of the human body, the brain. Alzheimer’s is termed as a “progressive and fatal disease” by the Alzheimer’s Association. It destroys neurons that are responsible for all tasks carried out by the brain. This loss causes major changes in daily living, and because there is no cure, it is always fatal. This topic is of interest to me because recently my grandmother passed away. She was originally diagnosed with Cortical-basal ganglionic degeneration (CBGD), a rare neurological disease that has different symptoms than Alzheimer’s disease. After the autopsy was performed my family was informed that she actually had Alzheimer’s disease. There was significant physical evidence in her brain that was typical of Alzheimer’s patients. However, from what anyone else could see, her symptoms did not follow the normal pattern of an Alzheimer’s patient. This peaked my interest and it opened my eyes to see that the disease impacts everyone differently. There may be even more effects of the disease that are yet to be known, and questions that may never be answered. Most of the information known about AD has been gathered in the past 15 years,
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Alzheimer's Disease - Alzheimer’s Disease Running Head:...

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