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Linear Programing - Sheet1 Linear Programming Product Mix Problem 2 topics in linear programming 1 Modeling taking the real problem and developing

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Sheet1 Page 1 Linear Programming 10/3/2011 2 topics in linear programming Product Mix Problem Would companies would most likely use linear programming? Oil companies and airlines If asked for a model on the exam, JUST give the model. That is the answer What limits you being able to make up equations? If the equations has a non-linear part like a square On the test, there will not be a question that asks to model and solve 2 product A B What will our decision variables be? Modeling Oil Fields We need to allocate resources: 1 2 3 Supply Resources A B Availability Looking to maximize profit or minimize cost Mine A 8 3 6 350 Machine THrs 3 4 50 You can only produce a max of 16 As B 5 7 9 250 Labor TimHrs 3 5 100 For every variable how much of the mariable gets Demands 100 200 300 Material Lbs 20 22 2000 used up Profit 100 115 What decisions have to be made? EquationMax = 100A+115B How much to ship on each of these routes? S.T. 3A+ 4B ≤ 50 How many decisions do we have to make? 3A+5B ≤ 100
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