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Cell and Mol Biol. Course Guide Sathasivan, 2006 BIO 311c Worksheet 3 1 WORKSHEET 3 ANSWER KEY A. Multiple Choice Questions. 1. Proteins are sometimes modified by glycosylation (adding oligosaccharides) and sorted out in a. chloroplast b. mitochondria c. amyloplasts d. peroxisome e. golgi apparatus 2. Ribosomes are assembled in a. nucleolus b. glyoxysomes c. smooth ER d. rough ER e. mitochondria 3. Which of the following microscope has the best resolution to study living cells? a. bright field light microscope b. transmission electron microscope c. scanning electron microscope d. magnifying glass e. dissection microscope 4. Steroid hormones are made in a. ribosomes b. rough ER c. smooth ER d. vacuole e. peroxysomes 5. Which structure in peanut seeds converts storage lipids into carbohydrates in growing seedlings? a. chromosomes b. desmosomes c. plasmodesmata d. vacuole e. glyoxysomes 6. Which of the following would be found in a bacterial cell wall that can be degraded by lysozyme?
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AnswerKey-BIO311c-Worksheet3-2006-Cells - Cell and Mol...

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