BIO 311c Ch14-DNA-Structure & Replication - Handout

BIO 311c Ch14-DNA-Structure & Replication - Handout...

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1 DNA Structure and Replication Mendelian Genetics Discovery of DNA as the Genetic Material DNA Structure Elucidation and Details DNA Replication Process DNA Repair Mechanisms K. Sathasivan Basic Terms DNA Genes/ alleles Locus Chromosome Genotype G-A-T-C C-T-A-G mRNA rRNA/ tRNA Protein AB,ab, Ab Gametes Diploid cells/tissue/ organism Phenotype Random fertilization Recombination, Segregation and independent assortment (brown eye, pink flower, sickle cell) Meiosis Mitosis Law of Segregation Allele pairs segregate during gamete formation and the paired condition is restored during fertilization. Figure 14.1 A genetic cross Mendel tracked heritable characters for three generations Mendel’s law of segregation
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