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Second short analysis paper Due: Friday, Feb. 19 th at the beginning of class (9:30) Points: 100 Objective: Answer the following in a short essay (2‐3 word processed pages double spaced). Show how particular policies affect economic growth and changes in labor productivity Based on the information given in the assigned article and your textbook, explain how President Obama’s plan for the U.S. economy affects economic growth Assignment: Your paper should address the following questions: What are the current administration’s plans for increasing economic growth? What are the trade offs involved? Select one policy (you can look at immigration policy, tax credits for small businesses or any other one that affects long term growth) and evaluate whether the policy will be effective in achieving macroeconomic goals. In your short paper, you are encouraged to use at least some of the following terms: business cycles, recession, sources of growth, labor productivity, savings, investment, spending multiplier, unemployment rate, fiscal policy, tax cuts, budget
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