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118HW6 - host response to the implantation of the material...

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MSE/BioE C118 – Biological Performance of Materials Homework #6 (The last one ) Due Date: 11/22/2011 1. If you are trying to design the latest hydrogel for a new long-term diaper that can hold 3 liters of water (high Q value), what type of polymer would you use and how would you form the polymer network? Discuss effect of molecular weight, physical/chemical network, and functional groups. 2. Based on the following data given in class, calculate the swelling ratio and volume fraction of the polymer in the “grow bumble”: Initial mass of 5.7 g, final mass of 113.9 g, and polymer density of 1.2 g/cm 3 . How would you measure the solubility parameter of the polymer network? 3. Temenoff and Mikos 11.7 - A new polymeric material was being considered for use as part of a drug delivery system. In order to evaluate the tissue response to the implantation of the material, nonporous compositions in the form of a disc were implanted subcutaneously in an animal model for 4 weeks. Describe the
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Unformatted text preview: host response to the implantation of the material as a function of time as well as any potential adverse effects. Also, how would you expect this response to alter drug delivery kinetics you measured in vitro? 4. Write up your opinion following the discussion in class using these questions in your response. Was the FDA correct in establishing a moratorium on the use of silicone gel-filled implants? Are implant manufacturers solely responsible for device failure or should raw materials suppliers (i.e., Dow Chemical, DuPont) be held accountable as well? Should implant studies always be conducted at the location in the body where they will be in service? Was the bill mentioned in the “Galletti paper” ever passed? 5. On November 17 (Thursday) your group needs to be prepared to present a short (~ 5 minutes maximum) overview of your project to the class....
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