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BioE+C118+2011+HW+2 - MSE BioE C118 Biological Performance...

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MSE / BioE C118: Biological Performance of Biomaterials Homework # 2 Due: September 22, 2011 1. Be prepared to discuss the following papers in class. For class on Tuesday (9/20), read the paper by Bain and Whitesides (’93), and for class on Thursday (9/22) read the paper by Andrade (’72). Both will be posted on bspace. 2. For a linear amorphous polymer, draw a curve of modulus versus temperature depicting the regions of viscoelasticity. How would increasing the molecular weight of the polymer affect the shape of the curve? Illustrate the effects of both crystallinity and crosslinking. 3. To identify the five regions of viscoelasticity for a linear viscoelastic polymer you first develop a modulus versus time plot (typically plotted on a log-log basis) and then mathematically convert it to a modulus vs. temperature plot. To create this plot you first need to conduct a series of stress relaxation experiments at different temperatures.
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