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C.+elegans+report - C elegans report Please write up the C...

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C. elegans report Please write up the C. elegans RNAi experiment as an abbreviated scientific paper. This will be a minimum of one page and a maximum of two pages, not including the data. Make the assumption that we know the role of the syp-1 gene as a component of the synaptonemal complex (from our discussion in class and lab) but that we are testing the role for the syp-2 gene in this process. We know that both of these proteins have coiled-coil domains (a motif that is common in structural proteins) and both are preferentially expressed in the germline. Hypothesis: Please write the hypothesis you are testing – 1 sentence. Introduction: Provide a brief introduction (a paragraph) on meiosis and the synaptonemal complex and the experiment you are performing. Materials & Methods: Describe the materials used and the experimental methods. Results & Discussion: For this abbreviated paper we will combine these two sections.
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