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Cloning Repor tguidelines f11

Cloning Repor tguidelines f11 - Cloning Report Guidelines...

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Cloning Report Guidelines Fall 2011 – Part 1. DUE DATE: You will turn in the cloning report (p. M53-56 of the lab manual) in two parts, because of the timing of the exam this year relative to the completion of the experiments. Part 1, DUE LAB 14: Complete #1, 2 , 4 (a-c) and 5 (a-b) Part 2, DUE after Exam 2 (TBA) Complete # 3, 4d and 5c ADDITIONAL guidelines will be posted. In total, the Cloning Report is worth 20pts. Please read the following carefully: it reiterates some of the points mentioned in the lab prep, and also brings up some common questions/problems from past years as well as modifications needed based on this year’s results. Part 1: Analysis of digestion, ligation and transformation results 1) Reread the lab manual and your notes about this experiment and make sure you are answering the questions about the correct cloning project (pBS vs pGEX). Also, read the report questions carefully and make sure you are answering based on the specific stage in the experiment that is being discussed. For example, Q4a-c and 5a-b relate to the first part of the cloning projects, where you isolate DNA, ligate it and transform. If you did not get any transformants or did not get the predicted results (e.g.
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