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Unformatted text preview: Cloning Report Guidelines Fall 2011 – Part 1. Part 2, DUE Tuesday Nov. 22 Complete # 3, 4d and 5c-d. You may use your previous report and just fill in the rest, or download a clean copy of the relevant pages (under Resources/Additional Info for Labs/ MCB160LDataRecord/Worksheets.pdf ) Please read the following carefully: it reiterates some of the points mentioned in the lab prep, and also brings up some common questions/problems from past years as well as modifications needed based on this year’s results. Cloning Report Guidelines Fall 2011 – Part 2: Analyzing your minipreps: (1) When you are answering questions about the sizes of the inserts that you obtained in your plasmid constructs, you need to be sure you are correctly identifying the bands on the gels. Even though you know the predicted sizes, you need to carefully compare your bands with the lambda markers to make sure you are identifying them correctly. Further, for bands that do not comigrate with one of the lambda markers, are identifying them correctly....
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