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TOPICS TO STUDY FOR MIDTERM #2 - MCB 160L Fall 2011 Midterm Wednesday Nov 16 (Sect 2MW – take exam in 3060 SLB as for Exam 1; Sec 1TTH – take exam in the 150L lab across the hall from our normal lab room) The majority of the topics for Exam 2 were covered in Lectures 6 – 12; however in this exam you will also be tested on the concepts from Lectures 4-5 that were not covered in Exam 1, for example blue- white screening, directional cloning and possible ligation products (see list). Also keep in mind that some material from Exam 1 serves as building blocks for later work- so if you struggled with basic concepts on that exam (e.g. fly genetics, basic cloning) you should review that material as well. Material from the DataRec/Worksheets and manual corresponding to the lectures/topics covered may also be included on the exam (Worksheet M4, Worksheet M5 ,DataRecord M5, Data Record/Worksheet D2, Computer exercise M4, Cloning Report part 1, Worksheet A1, Drosophila Report 1. This topic list includes the main topic areas that we covered but does not
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