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Unformatted text preview: MCB160L Fall 2011: Topics to be covered in Exam 3- Monday Dec. 5, 8am -10am Tu/Th students take exam in lab room across from normal lab room, M/W students take exam in the lab room. Please bring a calculator capable of performing straightforward arithmetic computations. Covers Lecture 14 (starting with yeast material) through Lecture 19 and includes yeast datarecord/worksheets Y1 and Y2, Drosophila tutorials #1 and #2, Drosophila Data Record/ Worksheet D3, the C. elegans report, and corresponding lab manual material. Total points for this exam will be 50 i.e. the same as Midterm 1 and Midterm 2. A practice exam and key has been posted; as always the practice cannot cover all possible content, but will give you an idea of the types of questions we may ask. Note that this exam is not cumulative, in the sense that it will focus on topics since MT2. However keep in mind that basic genetics and other concepts underlie multiple topics, so you are encouraged to make sure you understand the prior...
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