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Probable Due Dates for Worksheets, Data Records MCB 160L Fall 2011 Data records and Worksheets are due at the BEGINNING of the lab period listed, unless stated otherwise. Data Records general involve data collection and analysis, while worksheets usually have a study question format and often are graded for effort only. For all, you should check the key carefully for full answers, even if you got all the points; generally for the “effort” worksheets are graded more easily and you will get the points for a completed worksheet with relevant answers even if there are a few mistakes; we will not give detailed feedback on your answers but you can look at the key. Also note that the Data Record/ Worksheet names go with each experiment, rather than the order in which they are due. This is because many experiments overlap and the due date depends on when the last data is collected and the difficulty of analysis. In general, you will have one to two periods after completing the data to turn in the work.
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