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July 6 Notes - July 6 2009 Dr Hild History 2112 Chapter...

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July 6, 2009 Dr. Hild History 2112 Chapter 26-27 The Roaring 20s Backlash against Progressive Era/World War 1 Believed too much government “do-goodism” Cultural Trends 1. Automobiles o Most could afford new cars by 1920s (mainly Model T’s) o 1920: 6 million cars registered o 1929: 23 million cars registered 2. Radio o Amateur radio o 1920 KDKA Pittsburg 200 mile radius around Pittsburg to hear election of 1920 outcome o Cost $100 for commercial radio for sale in 1920 o Cost $9 for commercial radio for sale in 1923 o Cultivates national sports culture o Sports o Babe Ruth – Baseball o Jack Dempsey – boxing o Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong become household names because of Radio 3. Motion Pictures o Silent movies popular in 1910s o In 1927 the first “talkie” – The Jazz Singer o Killed the career of the silent movie stars o Movie Attendance Skyrocketed Politics 1. Election of 1920 Democrats James Cox (OH) – President Franklin Roosevelt (NY) – Vice President Republicans Warren Harding (OH) – President Calvin Coolidge (MA) – Vice President Harding’s Slogan – “return to normalcy” 2. Harding Era 1921-1923 1. Pro-Big Business Stance a. Andrew Mellon – Secretary of the Treasury a.i. Income Tax Lowered
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a.ii. “trickle-down” economics a.iii. Increased Tariffs 2. Corruption a. Personal life corrupt – numerous affairs, gambling b. Appointed people to office that were crooks c. Charles Forbes – head of Veterans’ Bureau c.i.
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