June 22 Notes - History 2112 Professor Hild June 22, 2009...

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History 2112 Professor Hild June 22, 2009 1957 established students must take Law History both the US and GA to graduate Chapter 18 Reconstruction 1865-1877 after Civil War Putting nation back together – Rebuilding Process of bringing Southern states back to Union 11 States from Virginia and South were the ex confederate states Georgia back in the Union by 1872 Federal troops left the South in 1877 Northerners – any state that was in the Union and did not secede Many apart of South supported the Union Goals 1. Put union back together 2. But without slaves throughout South Losing slaves damaged economy because capital invested in human labor instead of factories like in the North Emancipation not always a goal until the Emancipation Proclamation Southerners Bi-Racial world White – tremendous population loss due to war Slim labor force Post Civil War Era Economic Turmoil 1. Hard to strengthen labor force 2. $4billion loss of South after Emancipation Proclamation and loss of slaves (their form of capital) 3. Cotton and tobacco and etc. crops destroyed Antebellum – land and labor when lost labor could not maintain land Land destroyed during battle whereas in North only one battle fought Slim resources to put Southern economy back together Black – freedom from white supremacy Lost few rights they had after paranoia by white supremacy during 1850s of uprising Monopoly game of slave trade – Separated Families Goals 1. Reunite with Family 2. Freedom 3. Establish Family
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4. Black Preachers
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June 22 Notes - History 2112 Professor Hild June 22, 2009...

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