June 23 Notes - Professor Hild History 2112 June 23, 2009...

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Professor Hild History 2112 June 23, 2009 New South and New West o Primarily Indians (Natives) 1830s-1840s o Texas annexed in 1845 o Mexican War 1846-1848 opened Southwest o No Railroads in west. Used wagon trails and horses but no paths o Transcontinental RR in 1869 New West o Donner Party from Illinois who resulted to cannibalism to survive o Looking to start over in new area. 81 men, women, children (primarily male) o Travel through Rocky Mountains, got lost, blizzards, starvation, cannibalism o Only 7 made journey to California in 1846 California Gold Rush 1848-1849 Brought California instant statehood in 1850 Few got rich so had to have new ways to make a living Western Industries 1850s 1. Farming a. Grain faming – corn and wheat b. 1886-1896 drought weakened farming 2. Cattle Raising 1860s-1870s a. Aided by: a.i. Railroads in West a.ii. Refrigeration a.iii. Barbed wire 3. Mining a. Gold and Silver Homestead Act of 1862 Free land to people who would go westward with 160 acre plot from government for five years to own or could buy $1.25 an acre But no irrigation made farming and improvement difficult Safe wagon trails by 1860s Native American Interaction Indians limited east of Mississippi River by 1865 1865: 360,000 west of Mississippi River on Reservations but on less desirable land Great Sioux War 1876-1877 o Discovered Gold on trespassing Indian Land o George Custer attempt to drive Sioux off land in Indiana o Custer’s Last Stand: massacre of Custer’s men
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June 23 Notes - Professor Hild History 2112 June 23, 2009...

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